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ETERNAL INVESTIGATION AND FORENSIC SERVICES LLP is a Mumbai based company working towards excellence in the field of forensics and believes in unbiased investigation through forensically mannered investigative techniques.
Our team comes with several years of industry experience and comprises a highly motivated set of expertise.


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Insurance claim investigation
SFraud is a serious allegation and the bonus of proof is on the insurer to prove the allegation. To establish fraud the insurer needs to prove on the balance of probabilities that you intended to deceive the insurer or acted with reckless indifference as to whether or not the insurer was deceived.
Crime Scene Investigation
Collecting physical evidence from a scene can help an investigator recreate the crime scene and establish the sequence of events. Physical evidence can also corroborate statements made by the victim, suspects and witnesses.
Fire/Arson Investigation
Fire investigation, sometimes referred to as origin and cause investigation, is the analysis of fire-related incidents. After fire fighters extinguish a fire, an investigation is launched to determine the origin and cause of the fire or explosion. Investigations of such incidents require a systematic approach and knowledge of basic Forensic Science.
Document Examination
Forensic document examiners are most frequently asked to resolve questions of authorship. Is the signature on the mortgage loan genuine? Who wrote the anonymous note? Did the deceased sign the will? By comparing documents found at a crime scene to a suspect’s known writing samples, the forensic document examiner can help confirm who wrote the note and include or exclude suspects from the investigation.
Fingerprint Analysis
Fingerprint analysis has been used to identify suspects and solve crimes from many decades, and it remains an extremely valuable tool for law enforcement. One of the most important uses for fingerprints is to help investigators to link one crime to another involving the same person. Fingerprint identification also helps investigators to track a criminal’s record, their previous arrests and conviction.
Fingerprinting Service
We provide fingerprinting services for Police Clearance Check (PCC) in Immigration process on universally accepted FD-258 FINGERPRINTING CARDS as per FBI rules and norms. We use standard Fingerprint kits, Fingerprint cards and other required tools.
We will also assist you by providing all instructions required for applying immigration.
Image, Audio & Video Authentication
Unlike other forms of forensic evidence, Image, audio and video recordings can provide a real-time, eyewitness account of a crime so investigators can watch or hear what transpired. For instance, a surveillance video captures a bank robbery in progress, or a hidden camera records an undercover sting operation.
DNA Maternity & Paternity Tests
DNA maternity and paternity testing is the use of DNA profiling (known as genetic fingerprinting) to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child. A paternity test establishes genetic proof whether a man is the biological father of an individual, and a maternity test establishes whether a woman is the biological mother of an individual.
Legal & Personal consultancy for Police personnel, advocates and lawyers
We provide legal and personal consultancy on Forensic Science for all Law Enforcement Personnel’s by conducting lecture sessions, workshops and seminars.

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